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Product Overview




Design Features

1.The valve seat is embedded with flexible seal ring(optional triangular ring) to ensure good seal.
2.The valve seat is provided with a preloaded spring that is adaptive to the variation of pressure and temperature.
3.Integral valve with welded valve body, free of external leakage
4.Fire resisting construction design.
5.The most advanced support plate structure both at home and abroad is adopted for large diameters to increase the service life and reduce the operating torque of valve. Thus, the service life of valves is greatly extended.
6.Optional underground design
7.Full bore opening for pigging conveniently with small flow resistance and high flow capacity and good flow characteristics.
8.The valve ball can completely enclose the valve seat when the valve is opened, so the impurities in the medium will not be flushed to the valve seat or the packing surface of valve body and the valve serice life is extended.


Product Range

Size/Rating: NPS 2"~60"(DN15~DN1500)
Rating: CLASS 150~1500LB
End Connection: Flange, weld


Design Standards

Basic Design: API 6D/ISO 14313
Structure Length: ASME B16.10/API6D
End Connection: ASME B16.5,MSS SP-44/ASME B16.47, ASME B16.25
Test & Inspection: API 6D

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