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Gate Globe and Check
API600 Cast Valve
API602 Forged Steel Valve
API603 Stainless Steel Valve
Pressure Seal Valve
Bellow Sealed Valve
Dual Plate Check Valve
Axial Flow Check Valve
Parallel Slide Gate Valve
Ball Valve
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
Floating Ball Valve
Full Welded Ball Valve
Metal Seated Ball Valve
Pipeline Valve
Through Conduit Gate Valve
Full-opening Swing Check Valve
Expending Through Conduit Gate Valve
Butterfly Valve
Concentric Butterfly Valve
Double Offset Butterfly Valve
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Cryogenic Valve
Cryogenic Valve
Other Valves
Y Strainers
DBB Ball Valve
Marine Valve
DBB Ball Valve
Product Overview


Design Feature


Products Rang

Dual Ball Side Entry Design
Full Bore or Reduced Bore
Blow-Out Proof Stem
Double Block and Bleed
Fire Safe Tested Design
Low Emission Design
Anti-static Design
Emergency Sealant Injection Device
Locking Device






Body Material

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel


Wrench, Gear, Motor, Pneumatic




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